Mediums partake to the life…..


      One of the most joyous mediums of living spaces, balconies, become esthetic, elegant and clean by the introduction of WNC Alya systems that introduces the sill-profile. Patented system of sill is unique. Thanks to window sill, which has been specially designed and patented, little amount of water that leaks inside can be loaded out.


Areas of application ;

- Balcony Glazing

- Terrace Off

- Winter Garden



PATENT NO : TR 2009 08416 Y


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  •  Winnice Alya Technical Specifications.
    In this system, 3,5 mm-thick alya case profile is used and the movement rail has 5mm of thickness. In wnc alya system, thanks to special wing profiles, it is possible to use 8mm and 10mm-thick tempered glasses. Moreover, by means of the thick aluminum profile, the height can be up to 2700 mm.
    In the vertical assembles, using UV-proof gaskins, glasses hold each tighter and the isolation becomes better. The UV chemicals help the gaskins have longer usage.
    The system has an avarage of 22 kg/m2 weight, and the main carrying bearings of the system are designed in accordance with 4X4 carriage system. The bearer body of the mounted rolls is stainless steel and the bearer surface is covered by polyemid. Bearers are NSJ, which is an imported product and high in quality, and they are water- and dust-proof which provides a perfect action. Thanks to the 3,5 mm-thick aluminum case profile, the whole system, which is 14m2 (308kg) in amount can be gathered in one particular side the system has life-long use.


     Winnice Alya Profile Views

      Winnice Alya Baza           Winnice Alya Ust Kasa              Winnice Alya Alt Kasa          Winnice Alya Sabit Baza         

            Alya Glass Profile                Alya Up Carrier Profile       Alya Down Carrier Profile        Alya Fixed Glass Profile