What is glass balcony ?


Glass balcony is a system that can be folded in whole and/or partially by means of tempered glass wings which has been mounted into aluminum rail cases. It has unique properties.

For instance, in other sectors of PVC, window bracket and others, as a result of low quality materials and low-labor causes problems in application while foldable glass balcony systems prevents these minor problems.







 Why glass balcony?


  • Never hides the view and landscape..
  • Offers panaromic view
  • Offers all-season use of the balcony.
  • All wings can be folded and the balcony can be used as if it hasn’t been covered.
  • Never brings in danger and theft thanks to strong tempered glass.
  • Provides safety to your children.
  • Provides new living spaces in your houses.
  • Never exposes you to rain, snow, wind and dust.
  • It is proper to construction policies.
  • Provides heat and noise isolation.
  • Increases the value of the estates.
  • Doesn’t give harm the environment or surrounding when it has been broken unintendedly.
  • It is practical and and easy to clean.
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Problems in mounting Glass Balcony
  • Montaging the foldable system without carrying it on the scale as a whole and leaving the cover on the wing bind half open.
  • As a result of half open wings, air flow, dust and water infiltrates in. Because this is a case of montage, it cannot be fixed by the technical service.
  • Use of waste aluminum has residues of metal remnants on it which causes corrosion.
  • Without the UV additive, wicks blanch and don’t function properly.
  • Bearers of low-quality and the plastic cover of it result in deformation and disfunction.
  • Measuring the precise dimensions under the control of underexperienced people with a careless job results in the deformation of the working place which causes problems which cannot be taken back.
  • These are some of the resuts that cannot be taken back. Please be sure to colloborate with institutionalized and nation-wide firms.
Difference And Quality Of Winnice Glass Balcony
  • Winnice montage staff are specially experienced and educated on foldable window systems and the system is mounted in 0,5 mm sensitivity. There is no blank between the wings and isolation level is a case of high system-consistency.
  • Winnice uses lump ofaluminum in aluminum profiles and accessories so it is under life-long guarantee.
  • Winnice uses gaskins with the additive of UV which don’t allow blanch and they provide a hih isolation.
  • The carrier part is stainless steel and bearer surface is hardened polyemid. NSJ brand bearers are under 5 year guarantee and water-proof.
  • In the production of foldable systems, laser meters and scales are used and mounting place is preciously analyzed. In the mounting process redundant spaces aren’t formed and no harm is given to montage area.
  • Measurement of foldable system is carried out by educated staff.
  • At an affordable price, the quality system can only be done by Winnice Glass Balcony.

Prices of Glass Balcony


They are priced by the covered area (m2). You can easily calculate the approximate cost by length and the height of the area and multiply these values.

According to the mounted system, the prices can vary between 150 $ and 200 $.

Winnice Cam Balkon Ekonomiktir
Save your money…

In the market there are a lot of contract manufacturers and window systems show dissimilarity. These systems do not pose a serious problem at the beginning but later on result in deformation which forces you to renew the system.

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The genial service that starts with the introduction of the product continues during the mounting process and completed with the post-selling services.